What is a Brand and Why is it Important?

Why is a brand important?

It’s important because it’s your REPUTATION.

It originates from cattlemen who used a hot iron stamp to differentiate one from another.  This is important because this is truly what companies and brands are out to accomplish – to stand out.

A brand is the sum of your business parts and how people perceive you. It’s not just a name, logo, colors, words, and sounds, but the combination of all these things with the type of relationship you build with clients. Your brand personality affects how clients think and feel about you, and determines whether or not they want to be associated with you.

Brands aren’t built overnight but over time.  Your investment of time and money into establishing a great reputation must cascade all your attributes and culture internally and externally to the marketplace.  When all these things are completed in a strategically sound manner, brands are established.

DRIVEN Launches New Brand Campaign for Henry Ford Village

DRIVEN announced today that they have developed and launched a new brand campaign targeted towards the senior retirement bound audience. The campaign, which carries the theme-line “You’ve Earned It”, will launch with television spots and begins airing July 11, 2011.

Located in Dearborn, Mich., Henry Ford Village is Michigan’s most popular Senior Retirement Community. Situated on 35 acres and the birthplace of Henry Ford, they have over 1,000 residents, multiple dining rooms, bank, fitness center, swimming pool, convenience store, salon, transportation and everything in between to provide for retirees. They also provide assisted living, skilled nursing and a rehabilitation center.

“For us, this is a very rewarding category to be in,” says Chief Creative Officer, John Cymbal. “This is an audience that has worked hard their entire life – raised their families – been there, done that – now it’s time for them to sit back and enjoy life.” Cymbal says the “You’ve Earned It” theme line is a simple compliment to people that deserve to live retirement life to the fullest.

To view one of the spots please click on the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ3Sd0twFVQ